YEGWheel Electric Unicycle Club
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Phone/Text: 587-400-1212
Learn To Ride!!

This two hour class that gives you all the information you need to get started riding an electric unicycle. It includes:

  • an orientation that provides information about how they work, how to handle them, brands, prices, everything you need to get started.
  • training on basic techniques for getting on the wheel, starting and stopping, and getting back off again under contlol.
  • practicing the actual riding in an enclosed outdoor hockey rink with lots of walls and other devices to hold on to when you start.

We also have some training aids such as a modified walker, and small MTen3 wheels that are excellent for helping to get started. Once you get the skills on the small wheels it's easy move up to the larger ones.

For many people this single session is enough to get started on their own!

Bring your own wheel!
Bought a wheel? Not sure what to do next? Want to get up and riding as quick as possible? We'll give you the information you need to take care of your wheel, and help you learn to ride it. This is a full standard lesson, just with...your own wheel. Free when the wheel comes from
Weekend Special

Pick up a wheel 6pm on Friday night or early Saturday morning, return it by 8pm Sunday night.

Every first time rental includes a free lesson for new riders.

Renting is a great way to find out if wheeling is for you -- without having to invest in a wheel to find out. Take the class, the basics, then take the wheel home and find out of wheeling is for you.

Weekly Rental

Pick up a wheel on Friday night or early Saturday morning, return it by 6pm the following Friday.

Every first time rental includes a free lesson for new riders.

Take a wheel for a full week to really lock down what you learned in the training session, get a feel for how whether a particular wheel fits your lifestyle.

Many riders end up buying a starter wheel before buying their main wheel because they're not sure what wheel will really work for them, long term. This option allows you to go straight to riding your main wheel.

Group rides for different wheels/skill
We organize group rides for all skill levels and wheel sizes. Just starting out with a small wheel? We have relaxed beginner ride tour of the Edmonton river valley in the downtown area, including a stop on the Walterdale bridge.
What ages can participate?
You're never to young, you're never too old to ride a wheel. Our youngest student is seven, oldest is 71. Students in the 14-30 age range tend to be the quickest to learn, but almost everyone gets it in an hour or two.
How long does a charge last?
This depends on lots of factors -- the size of the battery, size of the rider, how fast is the riding, terrain etc. Manufacturers claim under ideal circumstances certain wheels can get up to 160 kms on a single charge. In practice, the wheels we rent can get about 50kms on a charge. This is plenty for the vast majority of group rides which are typically 25-40 kms.
How fast can they go?
This depends on the wheel. Some small wheels max out at about 25km/h, while the latest performance wheels, with maximum battery charge and a light rider, can be go up to 80km/h. Just because a wheel can go that fast doesn't mean you have to travel at maximum speed! Generally beginners ride in the 20-25kmh range, intermediate and off-road rides are around 30-35 kmh, and faster street riding (when commuting for example) is going to be at the 35-45 kmh range.
Can they go up hills?
Most definitely! A T3 intermediate wheel can carry a 200 lb rider up pretty much any hill in Edmonton. Most wheels have regenerative charging, so when riding back down hill actually charge up for you! Some riders specialize in taking wheels up to the top of mountains, until the battery is almost empty, then riding back down again. By the time they get to the bottom the wheel has plenty of charge to get back to the starting point.
Our Wheels
We have three main wheels for training and rental - Begode MTen3, KingSong 14D, and Begode T2. We also have a few specialized wheels such as the KingSong S-18, the first ever Electric Unicycle with suspension.